3D cameras alignment—Based on the car and not influenced by the platform Measurement system—equipped with double digital cameras and four target disk, supplying revolutionary measurement mode Target disk—There is no electronic components and connection lines on the target disk, so the wheel alignment will not has a component failure problem. Equipment Calibration: Once calibration before delivery, workable immediately after installation, no need for periodic calibration Measurement progress: No need to compensate for steel ring , the precise eccentric compensation will be just once pulling or pushing the car back and forth Software system: Easy to operate, complete conventional basic parameters including two minutes ,significantly faster than conventional aligners Daily Maintenance: Easily maintenance and download freely upgrade for the model data.
Standard Configuration: small compact cabinets, camera mounted stent economic criteria, Dell branded computers (Liquid Crystal Display), Canon printers, target disk, Pylon, brake holder, steering wheel holder, wedge-shaped pads, corner plate, corner plate blocks of the transition
Software Features
-Basic Functions:
parameters measurement such as camber, Caster, Kingpin inclination, Toe-in & Toe-out, Set back, Thrust angle -Extension Functions: axis deviation measurement, wheel deviation measurement, animation, single-round measurements, the vehicle lift measurement function, steering wheel, align the features, positioning platform for testing the level of degree the amount of features

Measurement Project Measuring accuracy Measurement range
Show Precision   1´/1mm
Camber ±2′ ±10°
Caster ±6′ ±20°
Kingpin Inclination ±6′ ±20°′
Toe In & Toe Out ±2′ ±20°
Set Back ±2′ ±5°
Thrust Angle ±2′ ±5°′
Wheel Deviation ±2mm
Axis Deviation ±2mm